Tips & Tricks

Correct placement

Place MotelMouse close to the wall to increase your success. Mice have a natural tendency to remain close to the walls when exploring their environment (Scientifically this is called "thigmotaxis"). This is because in the open field they can easily be caught by predators.

Remove other food - tip from Ella M.

"It works best if you hide all other food. I had my trap set-up in the garden where they stole the food I placed for birds. After hanging them up high, where they could not reach, I caught him the next day!"

Patience - tip from Robert D.

"It can take several days before the first catch. Probably they did not trust my smell at first. (...) Left it undisturbed and now I already caught 4 in three days!"

1,5 KM Rule

Release the mouse at least 1,5 KM from home. Otherwise you risk that the mouse will find its way back home.


Mice can jump a foot into the air, allowing them to easily climb up onto kitchen counters or into pantries to access food. To prevent mice and other pests from getting into your food, store all pantry items items in hard, plastic containers with a tightly sealed lid.

Regularly check

Even though our traps are larger than regular traps, it is important to check the traps regularly to prevent unnecessary stress.
Use a piece of fabric to cover the trap before moving it.
Relocate them at night or with good weather conditions, to give the best possible odds of survival chances.

Bait tips

A common belief is that mice love cheese. However, our best tested bait is:

1. Peanut butter, hazelnut spread
2. Honey, jam
3. Nuts and seeds, oatmeal
4. Bacon
5. Coconut flakes.
6. Mealworms (tip from Jenny A.)
7. Popcorn (tip from Mike)
Try different food to see what your mice prefer.

Let us know what bait works best for you at

Be a friend to animals

Give your mouse a new home to live in nature!

Happy family

Help them to be FREE , together with their friends

Testimonials section

You will find happy people around the world.

"...The first night I caught the little mouse already, who kept me awake at night and stole my leftovers. The best mouse trap I have seen..."​
Jenny Woodsbury
"... Works better than our cat. The experience to release the mice in the woods with my kids is fanstastic. I remember the old spring-loaded traps when I was a child, but I am happy to set a good example for my family..."
John Milldykes

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