Motel Mouse

How to Use & Clean Instructions

Truly Humane

The Best Humane Mouse Trap with comfortable living space

Easy, Happy & Healthy

Easy and Safe to catch and release

"...The first night I caught the little mouse already, who kept me awake at night and stole my leftovers. The best mouse trap I have seen..."
Jenny Woodsbury
"... Works better than our cat. The experience to release the mice in the woods with my kids is fanstastic. I remember the old spring-loaded traps when I was a child, but I am happy to set a good example for my family..."
John Milldykes

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Pick your favourite color. We are compassionate, enthusiastic and committed to our common goal: Happiness for you and the mice. Our team is always ready to help you and get the most out of your MouseMotel. Get yours now and share the joy!

Tips & Tricks

Check out our top 5 best tested bait, and other tips to increase your succes!

Pet & Child Safe

Safe and Fun for the whole family at home

Easy to Clean

Help your mouse to be FREE with their friends. 

Just Rinse and Repeat

Best Choice

The original trap that works.

Easy to clean

Just rinse and repeat

Highly Sensitive

Will catch even the smallest house mice


Metal reinforcement prevents biting the cage open

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About Us

Happiness for you and the world around you is our promise. Our team is always ready to help and get the most out of your MotelMouse. Customers love that and love our non-lethal products even more. 

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